lighting soccer ball NIGHT KICK JUNIOR

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Brand new: NIGHT KICK JUNIOR - a real lighting soccer ball for children in size 3 for happy children's eyes

Now football christmas  special : incl.ballpump and spare batteries!

Brand new: Night Kick Junior - finally a real playing soccer ball for children in the smaller size 3 (normal soccer size 5). So, also  the little ones can play enthusiastically. Luminous power and robust material like the big one  Night Kick Master and of course also in top quality. The Night Kick Junior makes children's eyes shine. A great gift, which will provide enthusiasm. By the way, the JUNIOR is also super suitable for throwing games and, moreover, org. Handball size 2 and weight No. 2 (youth Handball).

Circumference: approx. 580mm weight: ca 330gr The super gift for children, teenagers!

Light starts automatically when kicking or throwing and automatically off afte 45-60s.

Attention No toy! Best references distinguish this very special lighting football.

  1. The super bright LED light football in top quality now twice as bright-with 2 sensor LED modules
  2. Incl. batteries-ready to start, quality product orig. Size No. 3-waterproof