air purifier with filtersystem and UVC LED light

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The Premium Corona/Covid Killer with a various Filter/sterilization systems effective against Covid-19/Cov-2 viruses (Hepa 14 Filter+UVC sterilization)

The Premium Corona/Covid Killer is equipped with various filters and sterilization systems. Among them 2 now recognized by the Federal Environment Agency as effective against Covid-19/Cov-2 viruses (Hepa 14 filters and UVC sterilization).

Two filters are based on the latest scientific findings and tests (charging the air with negative ions, photocatalyte filters based on titanium dioxide – originally developed by NASA for space travel).

All 5-6 systems are 99.9% lethal to MERS coronaviruses, SARS coronaviruses, Covid-19 viruses and the novel Corona virus SARS-CoV-2 in a unique compound and are bundled into a compact, easy-to-carry and shapely tower with 230V power cables and 55-100W power.

A modern, hydrodynamic fan system supports the high air circulation potential of up to 635cbm/h.

The integrated interactive function display offers numerous possibilities to adapt the functions of the tower to your location and number of people.